2020 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Exceed Pricing, and Specs Review

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Exceed review

The 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander plugin hybrid vehicle is, in various ways, the very best of 3 worlds. It’s an electrical driving range for urban dwellers, a gas engine to carry you outside town limits, and also an SUV body’s advantage.

Overview Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Exceed

The first Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid on sale in Australia at 2013 and was facelifted or upgraded virtually every year since.

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This upgrade, introduced over the summer vacation break and coming in showrooms today, might have subtle visual differences, however there are important changes beneath the skin. The cost has risen throughout the scope to reflect a number of their new techs.

Pricing Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Exceed

There are 3 versions in the line-up: that the base-model ES priced from $47,390 plus on-road prices; the ES using an innovative security package from $48,390 plus on-road prices; along with the flagship Exceed examined here from $56,390 plus on-road expenses.

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Because this article was printed, the Mitsubishi site recorded the Outlander ES plug-in hybrid at $50,390 drive-away (after a $1000 reduction has been taken into consideration ) using a seven-year guarantee rather than five years policy.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

All levels of this upgraded Mitsubishi Outlander plug hybrids hybrid vehicle have a larger gasoline engine, more energy, and much better real-world electrical driving range than previously.

The front electric engine is exactly the same as previously (60kW/137Nm), while the back electric motor has experienced a moderate increase to 70kW/195Nm (it had been 60kW/195Nm).

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The gas tank holds 45L of gas, enough to carry you 500km in an open street and 350km into 400km in suburban driving.

Interior Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Exceed Review

Indoors, the infotainment display is much more important than previously (8.0 inches).

But, it is still lacking the ease of volume and tuning dials which were recently added to the smaller and more economical Mitsubishi ASX. The rear seat now gets additional USB charging ports at the back of the middle console.

There is another change you won’t ever see recorded on a booklet because Mitsubishi does not wish to shine a light about the nuances of its predecessor. However, this one eventually drives all perfect.

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While it gave me a fresh appreciation for the technology — that can be a stepping stone between conventional hybrid vehicle and fully electric automobiles — the older Outlander handled the same as a wheelbarrow filled with water.

The steering was clumsy, the suspension felt overly tender and underdone, and the tires did not respond well to your urge to turn a corner at relaxation.

Luckily, car companies seldom sit idle, and Mitsubishi’s engineers might have experienced exactly the exact same feeling I did when driving the first Outlander plug in hybrid. The upgraded version is a sin.

It is not likely to specify a scorching time round the Nürburgring, needless to say.

It might appear strange to emphasize that this area of the automobile, but I am banging on about it entirely only, it demonstrates that hybrid and electric vehicles do not have to be boring to drive. Really, I’d assert that an SUV should feel much more secure on the street. In the end, as household cars, they’re more probably than not carrying valuable human cargo.

Having said that, the Outlander plug hybrid hybrid remains a five-seater instead of some seven-seater. The battery pack and a number of the tech gadgetry occupy a few of this distance where the third-row chairs would ordinarily bestow.

Other important observations? The cottage remains practical and spacious, and even though there are not any third-row chairs, there’s still lots of space for freight that is essential.

The newest LED headlights have a fantastic spread of lighting on low and higher beam.

The gas and electric motors’ additional power produces a few welcome oomph, but that remains a household car rather than a hot hatch.

Another notable part is that the electrical driving range. On the pre-facelift version, the best that I could get while generally driving, with headlights and air conditioning — could be 27km to 33km shirts. Driving exactly the identical manner with this upgraded Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybridvehicle, we are getting 48km into 55km with no specific work.

Much like the remainder of the Mitsubishi variety, service periods are 12 months/15,000kilometers; nonetheless, restricted pricing runs out following three years/45,000kilometers, and every regular service is dearer than petrol-only versions ($310, $430 and $365 respectively to the first few visits).

Given that Mitsubishi spent 2019 using a seven-year guarantee deal on its own Triton ute and is currently spreading it across the majority of other versions, we guess the business is gearing up to transfer a permanent seven-year guarantee throughout the range, so watch this space.

There are not many, and those we have recorded might seem picky, but as you are here, we might list them if these components bother other owners or possible buyers.

I wish there were an electronic speed display, and that I lament the absence of quantity dials on the infotainment display (touch buttons or controls on the steering wheel aren’t as fast or as easy as just turning a compass).

We are unsure whether this really is a left-hand-drive/right-hand-drive taste that Mitsubishi hasn’t changed. Japan is a right-hand-drive nation, so definitely left-hand-drive audio speakers would not take priority.

Should you know the reply to this riddle, please inform us.

On the plus side, if that is all we could whine about, it provides you a reasonable sign that the remainder of the Mitsubishi Outlander is an adequate bundle.

There’ll always be a debate about whether plug-in hybrid automobiles represent fantastic price. This instance of this Mitsubishi Outlander plug hybrid hybrid vehicle is $56,390 plus on-road expenses, roughly $25,000 over base-model gasoline and $15,000 over the usual petrol Exceed.

Therefore, if you are buying it to save cash, it is likely not the best option. Those cost gaps will purchase a great deal of gas at a normal Mitsubishi Outlander — or among its rivals.

Specs Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Exceed Review

Car Details

SeriesZL MY20
Body Type4D WAGON

Engine Specifications

Engine Size2.4L
CylindersINLINE 4
Max. Torque199Nm @ 4500rpm
Max. Power94kW @ 4500rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio50W/kg
Bore & Stroke88x97mm
Compression Ratio12

Drivetrain Specifications

Transmission1 SP AUTOMATIC
Final Drive Ratio0

Fuel Specification

Fuel Tank Capacity45 Litres
Fuel Consumption (Combined)1.9L / 100km


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