2020 Ford Ranger Review, Price, Features And Specs

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Ford Ranger review

The Ranger is a demanding customer if you require it to be along with also a smooth operator when it matters. Its engine provides refined power delivery when supplying the muscle towing and payload capacities, making trucks a must-have for many buyers.

Trim levels vary in the stripped-down XL into the spruced-up Lariat; you will also find two styles and two-bed lengths to take into account.

If you pick the slender, lightweight LX trim, you will delight in a pickup offering speed that is one of the fastest in its section.

Ford Ranger Review

It is no secret that pickup trucks are big news in the united states, but few might have anticipated them to take hold east of the Atlantic in somewhat the way that they have.

The Ford Ranger has especially caught the imagination of buyers on the side of the pond, which is always the most significant selling pickup in the united kingdom.

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Yes, this outsells all pickup competitions in its home state, but it defeats every automobile for a celebrity — and not without reason.

It is extensive and attractively priced (from the USA, at least). Also, it’s a street presence to conquer all but the giant SUVs.

The compact Ranger provides a lot of this charm in a package that is somewhat better suited to European streets, but what exactly does it offer over its Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, and Toyota Hilux competitions?

The Ford Ranger is anything but a shrinking violet, but it is the performance-focused Ranger Raptor that turns out the most minds; it stations the muscle soul of this Ford F-150 Raptor but using a diesel motor for running costs which are somewhat more harmonious with European gas rates.

Top models are not short of creature comforts, possibly — vital once the marketplace for luxury pickups is quickly expanding, with the likes of this Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes-Benz X-Class bringing great touches into a course that has been more in the home on a building site compared to King’s Road.

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The Ranger has a hefty towing limitation, can take heavy loads quickly and can be quite handy off-road. As an alternative to some big SUV, a Ranger may make sense — particularly if you’re able to benefit from the appealing company car tax rates of versions using a max payload that surpasses 1000kg (which excludes the Raptor, incidentally).

In case you’re looking for a workhorse, the two-seat Regular Cab and four-seat Super Cab may tick the proper boxes.

The accessible Dual Cab is our favorite; its five-seat design and four appropriate doors create it family-friendly, and it is offered from the broadest assortment of trim levels.

Do not be worried if the numerous permutations of Ranger are perplexing; our comprehensive review can allow you to select which engine, body style, and trim level are ideal for you.

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And in case you decide a Ford Ranger or among its pickup competitions will fit neatly in the way you live, head on to our New Car Purchasing pages to learn how much we can save you without any awkward haggling.

Performance & driveway Ford Ranger Review

What it is like to push, and just how silent it’s. You will find diesel engines to select from. There is no doubt that the Ecoblue 213 supplies over acceptable acceleration.

Nonetheless, in the broader, thicker Raptor version, it does not fulfill the version’s Ford Performance nametag.

If you would like a fast track, then the top-spec Volkswagen Amarok is an awful lot quicker.

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You will also find the Amarok’s engine to become simpler; the Ranger’s strongest 2.0-liter petrol is by no means inadequate for its course, but those hoping SUV degrees of refinement may be somewhat disappointed by its ever-present diesel soundtrack. We are yet to try out the powerful 2.0-liter motors or the manual gearbox.

We would not bother; it does not feel any more potent than Ecoblue 213; nevertheless, it is much thirstier in our experience.

Yes, the 3.2 is somewhat more straightforward, but you also must put up with its old-school automatic gearbox, which is not as fantastic as the 10-speed automobile on the 2.0-liter motors.

In terms of the ride, the Ranger, such as most of the pickup pickups, bobs around over little undulations, getting bouncier and more worried since the surface becoming worse.

But, its adequate capacity to absorb the shock of lumps still puts it apart from more heavy rivals like the Toyota Hilux, while it is barely cosseting.

It is among those better-riding pickups on the market, together with the Amarok.

Raptor models have a more sophisticated rear suspension setup that enhances the ride comfort — especially on catchy off-road terrain — but it is pricey.

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Although agile handling is not always a priority one of commercial vehicles, you will be delighted to understand that the Ranger is still among the very nimble pickups, it is possible to purchase.

Turn into a tight corner, and it’s easy to enjoy the steering precision and answer, in addition to the Ranger’s immunity to body lean.

All versions include four-wheel drive and the choice to incorporate a locking rear differential (regular on the Wiltrak and Raptor) to improve off-road capacity.

Still, we would recommend keeping your Ranger in a two-wheel-drive style on the street.

This makes it to maneuver with higher finesse at reduced rates (in the hard disk, it will not turn as sharply) and use less gas.

Like most pickup pickups, you have to be conscious that if there is nothing in the cargo bay, then the mild back end will signify that the back wheels will eliminate grip quite quickly on a greasy street.

Compared with other versions, the Raptor has a reinforced chassis and increased suspension travel, with large off-road tires, all of which make it more competent off the beaten track compared to the remainder of the line-up.

But, expect slightly more body lean in corners, while the chunky off-road tires do not have as much buy on the blacktop since the more road-biased tires fitted into other Rangers.

Interior Ford Ranger Review

The inside design, fit and complete. Many adore a massive SUV or pickup because of its high-up driving place, and if that is you, you will enjoy the lofty Ranger.

The Raptor, meanwhile, has bespoke chairs that are comfortable even if bouncing over rugged terrain.

On the other hand, the cozy chairs do not tackle the Ranger’s counter pedals and shaped footrest to the leg; the Amarok is a comfortable proposition for a very long drive.

Even though you can not have LED headlights around the Ranger, higher-end versions get xenon headlights with lots of main beam array but do establish a little dim when dunked.

With this excellent driving position and comparatively slender windscreen pillars, forward visibility is quite exceptional.

However, the Ranger’s small back screen and lengthy load bay make it tricky to find out what is behind you.

On XLT trim, you would be wise to take the rear parking sensors into account, which may be fitted as an alternative. Unfortunately, these are not available on foundation XL versions.

Ford has tried to produce the Ranger’s inside attractive to buyers who may be contemplating an SUV while maintaining things strong enough to deal with the rigors of heavy-duty work.

However, while more expensive versions get fancy leather chairs and leather impact trimmings on the doors and dashboard, the cheap-feeling plastics elsewhere signify the Ranger’s working roots glow through.

The entry-level Ranger XL includes a secure monochrome-screen infotainment system, even though Bluetooth and DAB radio are both regular.

XLT models include an 8.0in Ford Sync touchscreen infotainment program, whereas the Limited, Wildtrak, and Raptor variants get Ford’s newest Sync 3 applications and the bigger 8.0in touchscreen.

The Sync 3 program includes Apple CarPlay and Android automobile smartphone mirroring, but just the Wildtrak and Raptor versions get built-in sat-nav as regular.

Sync 3 is a lot better than both basic systems, being more attractive and simpler to use.

In reality, it’s among the better approaches in this course, even though it is not as intuitive as the touchscreen equal in the Amarok.

Passenger & boot distance

How it succeeds with individuals and jumble. The Regular Cab variant of the Ranger could seat two tall adults, but it is only a two-seater.

The Super Cab includes a fold-down seat behind front seats, which will chair a further two, but adults will fight for leg space since those seats are intended for occasional use only.

The spacious and functional Ranger — and, honestly, the one we would advocate — would be the Dual Cab.

With a lot of legs and headroom front and back, it will seat four tall adults comparatively comfortably, or five if people from the trunk do not mind a little bit of shoulder-rubbing.

The fewer seats that you have, the shorter the taxi is, and the more the load bay becomes more.

That usually means the Regular Cab will take the most equipment, but the Double Cab can match a typical pallet at the trunk.

Payload weight is dependent very much on taxi kind and motor, but most versions will take over a tonne and a few around 1232kg.

Just keep in mind the Raptor versions possess a reduced payload of 600kg, which is a whole lot less than the top Rangers and means it does not qualify as a commercial vehicle for company car taxation.

The Ranger mixes with the very best in this regard, then — a team that comprises the L200 and Amarok.

Expenses & verdict

Regular Expenses, plus how dependable and secure it’s. Much like pickups, being classed as a commercial automobile brings the benefit of creating the Ranger remarkably cheap if you are running it through a job for a company automobile.

But as of the Raptor’s reduced payload, it is not qualified for the horizontal business automobile company car tax rate. It will still be eligible for the speed of annual business car road tax, however.

Those paying one from their pot of gold will probably come across the Ranger competitively priced alongside rivals like the Amarok, Navara, and L200.

We would not bother using all the noninvasive rear-wheel-drive 2.0 Ecoblue 130 version since it isn’t quite fast and is not cleaner or more effective than the stronger 2.0 Ecoblue 170.

But it is quite spartan, and that means you would be sensible to measure up to XLT in the least.

This provides a few more creature comforts along with alloy wheels and tons of chrome garnish.

Restricted trim is where we believe your money is best spent, though. The Raptor, meanwhile, is your most exceptional Ranger from the line-up in case your sail happens to add dunes, but it is incredibly costly.

A load bay cap is also beneficial when you want to maintain your valuables securely under lock and key.

The Ranger felt profoundly in Thatcham’s safety evaluations. Also, it was the first pickup to obtain five stars at the Euro NCAP crash evaluation in 2012.

This has been down to the various security features, including seven standard airbags. An optional Driver Support Pack adds active security kit like lane-keeping support, traffic signal recognition, and adaptive cruise control with crash reduction.


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